FAQ – Haneenalsaify
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How long do new lashes last?

Up to 50 use if used softly.


Is it mink lash?

Our lashes are silk lashes 


Can I wear mascara with them?

Yes but its more recommended to put mascara first then the lashes ( please refer to our tutorials ) 

How many times can I use them?

Up to 50 uses if used gently. 


How to maintain the eyelash?

Store it in a safe place , use it and remove it softly.




Can I wear the turbans with my natural hair?

- Yes, with our special fabric it provides enough stretch to fit and secure

large amounts of hair.

Will the turbans fit me?

-Our turbans are designed to fit the average adult head size (20-24 inches

in circumference). If your measurement is larger than the average head size

its fine. The fabric is a 4 way stretch that allows ample amount of stretch

in all directions. We have a tutorial guide on our website to help how to

wear and style your turban.

How do I take care of my turban?

- Wash on gentle cycle - Hang dry (air dry) - LIGHT steam ironing