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"I want to inspire every girl to be elegant from inside out"

- Haneen Alsaify


Haneen is a chemical engineer and social media influencer who likes combining modest fashion, makeup, and lifestyle that suites Islamic and Arabic culture.

Her journey started when she was a student, back in 2016 when the rise of social media ran high and started swaying everyone’s lives. Social media platforms have been a tool for Haneen to share her thoughts and ideas. While not having the luxury of time, she tried to stay consistent by sharing at least one thing that she’s passionate about everyday to friends and families; whether it’s an piece of clothing, her current favorite makeup, the best skincare product she has recently discovered, or even quote from the book she’s reading.


Cultivating Confidence and Wellness: Our mission is to go beyond surface beauty and promote holistic wellness and self-care. We believe that true beauty radiates from within, and our products are designed to enhance both outer appearance and inner well-being. Through our cosmetics, turbans, and scarves, we aim to cultivate confidence, self-love, and a sense of personal empowerment in our customers.


To be the leading global brand at the intersection of beauty and cultural expression, where cosmetics are not just products, but tools for self-empowerment and celebration of diversity. We envision a world where our turbans and scarves are symbols of cultural pride and individuality, fostering sense of belonging and confidence in every wearer. Through innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability, we aspire to inspire a community where beauty knows no boundaries and every person feels seen, valued, and beautiful in their own unique way.


Creativity: Encouraging creativity in both product development and personal expression, fostering a culture of innovation and self-discovery.

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