FAQ – Haneenalsaify
For local orders delivery within 2 day , 3-5 days for International orders


How long do new lashes last?

Up to 50 uses if used softly and maintained. We recommend placing them directly back in the box.

What are the Lashes made of? Is it mink lash?

Our lashes are silk lashes.

Can I wear mascara with the lashes?

Yes, but we recommended to get the best outcome to put mascara first then the lashes ( please refer to our tutorials ) 

How many times can I use the lashes?

Up to 50 uses if used gently. 

How can I maintain my lashes to stay for a long period time?

After every use ensure that they are placed back in the box, or store it in a safe place , and remove it softly.


Can I wear the turbans with my natural hair?

 Yes, with our special fabric it provides enough stretch to fit and secure

large amounts of hair.

Will the turbans fit me?

Our turbans are designed to fit the average adult head size (20-24 inches

in circumference). If your measurement is larger than the average head size, do not worry as it

will still fit. The fabric is a 4 way stretch that allows ample amount of stretch in all directions. 

We have a tutorial guide on our website to help how to wear and style your turban.

How do I take care of my turban?

Wash on gentle cycle - Hang dry (air dry) - LIGHT steam ironing